11 best mini amplifier for guitar


Home » May 10, 2023, by Paul Smith This is a beginner-friendly review of the Best best mini amplifier for your guitar. Jump ahead to Are you a guitarist searching for the perfect practice amp that won’t break the bank or take up … Read more

what are audio interfaces used for?

What arewhat are audio interfaces used for?

Audio interfaces are used to take your analog signal that’s coming from your microphone and convert that analog signal over to a digital signal that can be read by the computer. The audio interface then converts that digital signal, ie, … Read more

what is audiovisual

What is audio visual

Audiovisual or less commonly known as AV means possessing both a sound and visual (audio and a visual component) such as slide deck presentations, films, TV programs, church services, and live theater productions. Audiovisual service providers frequently offer web streaming, … Read more

what is bitstream audio?

What is Bitstream audio

Bitstream audio is essentially 100% digital audio and is distinguishable from audio formats such as PCM which converts analog audio into digital. With Bitstream, the bite-sized pieces of digital audio, the 1’s and zeros of the audio file are streamed … Read more

How much do audio engineers make?

How Much Does an audio engineer make

The median average salary for an audio engineer is between $48000 and $67000 per annum in the United States. Therefore, the average Sound engineer makes between $23-$32.28 per hour in the United States, depending on the State, what role you … Read more

what is svc audio

What is DSP audio

This article will discuss what we mean by SVC audio. In short, we will discuss what SVC audio is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. It will also discuss other SVC-related issues such as an SVC optimized … Read more

What is DSP audio

DSP audio

This article will discuss what is meant by DSP in so far as it relates to audio. It will also discuss what DSP is and how it works in many applications from telecommunications to car audio. Ever wondered what DSP … Read more

Where do saved audio messages go?

Where do saved audio messages go

This article will discuss where audio messages go when received in the iPhone messages app. It will also discuss how to save messages for longer when received through the iMessanger app. Ever wondered why audio messages received in iMessanger disappear … Read more

how to share audio on AirPods

how to share audio on airpods

This article will explain how to share audio from one set of AirPods (and apple device) with another set of AirPods belonging to someone else (worn by anyone else) If you have ever wondered how to have your friend hear … Read more