Best Bass Headphones

Imagine this: it is a lazy Sunday afternoon, the rain is dropping from the clouds above, and you have absolutely nothing to do. Sounds bliss, right? Well then, add some music to the mix so you can jam solo whilst wearing some bass heavy headphones, and the scene only becomes more perfect. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the beat plays widely through the ear plugs as you take on another weekly gym session. The music helps to spur you on, including that song you keep playing on repeat, but nobody knows because you are wearing headphones. Phew.

Nothing beats playing music through headphones, whether that is to pick up extra bass, to listen to it privately, on a commute, or to take some well needed time out. 

Whilst headphones are a great invention, not all are made equally. Some cannot quite pick up the level of bass you desire, and instead sound tinny and flat. When this is a problem, you might want to find a pair that does exactly what you want.

If bass is something that you want to amp up, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of some of the best bass heavy headphones available on the market right now. Let us get to it!

Best Bass Headphones

Sony WHXB700

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Everyone has heard of Sony, and if you have not, then where have you been? They specialize in electronics, and are known for their exceptional sound and quality. 

Whilst on the pricier end of the scale, though not as expensive as Bose, they actually do more than just let you listen to music, but we shall get onto that shortly. 

The swiveling ear cups allow you to place them comfortably over the ears without a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This actually did make them extremely comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, unlike a certain other well-known brand that squeezes too tight causing pain to the ears.

The sound delivered when it came to the extra bass which did not provide any distortion, as did all the extra functions. Due to it having bluetooth, there is the easy ability of taking calls, allowing Amazon’s Alexa to be used (which is great for hands-free music changing), and the charge lasts for around 30 hours.

What the headphones do lack is the capability to cancel noise, though if only used around the home, it should not be a problem. 


  • Swivelling cups – provides a comfortable way to wear the headphones without earache
  • No distortion – the bass sound is clear
  • Mid-range price – not too expensive for a quality pair of headphones
  • Bluetooth – can take calls whilst wearing them
  • Alexa enabled – for hands-free music skipping and more


  • No noise cancelling function – though his should not be an issue when used in less noisy areas

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Tiksounds In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

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Whilst not as well-known as Sony, Tiksounds provide quality in-ear headphones at an inexpensive price, perfect for those who want something decent on a budget.

Overhead earphones are great, but sometimes they can feel bulky. Instead you might just prefer something that will stay in the ear whilst you are sweating it out at the gym, or taking a run at 6am in the morning before work.

Whilst not targeted at general wear due to the design which hooks behind the ear to help them stay in place during an activity, you do not actually need to be into doing sport to find these useful. Even whilst running errands, they stayed in the ear without falling out like pods sometimes do.

The bluetooth headphones include extra bass which is not as powerful compared to the Sony product, but they provide enough that it creates a wonderful undertone to the music without feeling like your head is about to explode under the vibrations. 

The charge of the earphones lasts for around 6 hours, though once the digital screened case has been charged once, it lasts for 150 hours until it needs to be charged again.

Even though they do include bluetooth, it is purely to be able to wear them without a wire. There is no built-in microphone to allow the user to take calls.


  • Ear hook – provides a secure way to wear them to avoid falling out the ears
  • Bluetooth – no need for wires
  • 6 hours charge – but the headphones case lasts for 150 hours until it needs to be charged again


  • No microphone – there is no function to allow call taking

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Skullcandy Crusher Evo

[amazon fields=”B08FCGH2RL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Skullcandy are known for their bass heavy earphones, and the Crusher Evo edition is no different. Whilst a lot of their products are bright colors, these are not and will suit those who want their headphones to blend in but still have style.

The cool thing about the Skullcandy Evo’s is that they are extremely portable because you can fold and collapse them flat to put them into a bag when not in use. Also, if you are rushed for time, 10 minutes of charge will give you around 4 hours of music playing time.

The bass quality is second to none, and provides the exact momentum one might be after. They have been compared to the quality of Beats, with Skullcandy overtaking its place for overall sound. Not only that, they completely block out any noise, so keep this in mind if you are walking the streets.

Unfortunately they are not the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. After around an hour the outer ear was beginning to hurt, but this does happen with the majority of over-ear headphones that include noise cancellation.


  • Bluetooth – which also enables the ability to take calls due to the built-in microphone
  • Great sound – the bass is one of the best available on the market
  • Collapsable – they can be folded flat making them extremely portable


  • Uncomfortable – just like with most over-ear headphones with built-in noise cancellation, they can cause ear pain but it is only temporary

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Philips BASS+ SHB3175

[amazon fields=”B07P6H41XX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Philips is another company that is well-known for making electronics – maybe you even have a TV by the brand?

The BASS+ headphones are perfect for those who are on a budget but would like overhead earphones that provide ridiculously good bass without distortion. In fact, it provided so much bass that it almost felt like being on vacation somewhere exotic and dancing around in a club. Cocktail optional. 

Whilst not suitable for a smaller head, the 40mm speakers provide a big amount of sound. They do however fit a little too tight on the ear (again, it is the noise cancelling feature) which felt a little uncomfortable after a while.  

Even though it does have the noise cancelling feature, there are better options out there as it did not completely remove background noise. 

Just like with the Skullcandy headphones, you can collapse them which provides extra portability, though they do not lie as flat. Also, there is a built-in microphone which allows the ability to take calls.

The charge lasts for around 12 hours of music playing time which is enough for daily wear. Also the buttons on the side of a headphone allow for easy access to controls, and they are discrete enough not to take away the look of the overall design. 


  • Great design – look sleek and has 40mm headphones that cup over the ear to add extra comfort
  • Bluetooth ability – allows the option to take calls
  • 12 hour charge – plenty of time to listen to music during the day
  • Collapsable – for better portability


  • Mild noise cancelling – it does work to a degree, but allows some noise to slip through

This item is also available to buy on Philips and Ebay

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JVC Xtreme Bass HASR50X XX

[amazon fields=”B00VV6WRBW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The JVC Xtreme headphones have been created for bass lovers everywhere. Not only do they look like they should be a part of a DJs getup, but they also produce astounding results.

The 40mm neodymium driver units allow for a big bass sound to enter the ears. Due to the fact you might want to wear these for a while, the headphones contain cushioning via a soft headband and ear pads. After an extended period of time, naturally the ears did begin to hurt, but this happened to every model tested.

The headphones are not bluetooth enabled so you will have to plug the wire into something like an iPhone or Android when using them. This might seem less modern than other types of headphones, but it does mean that you will not need to charge them.

They do include a microphone port to allow the headphones to be used for phone calls, however. Also, whilst on first look they look big, the actual headphones are smaller so may not suit larger heads.


  • Made for bass – has a high level of bass without distortion
  • Includes a microphone – which enables the ability to use them with a phone call
  • Cushioned – to provide maximum comfort when worn for longer periods of time
  • Portable – whilst not foldable, they are smaller than they appear and can be dropped into a bag without being too bulky


  • Wired – if you were hoping for bluetooth, this pair is not it. However, it does mean no charging necessary
  • Not noise cancelling – but this is not always needed, especially if you want to be aware of your surroundings

This item is also available to buy on Ebay

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Buyers Guide

It is always great to find the perfect pair of bass headphones, but what sort of things should you be looking out for before you hand over that hard earned cash? Read on to find out the key areas you should consider first.

Bass Ability

If you are particularly looking for headphones that boost the bass, then the first thing to make note of is if the description of the production mentions bass, or if it is in the name – for example, the Philips BASS+.

Not all headphones are created equal when it comes to bass, and this is especially true depending on how much bass you would like. Some people may only want the bass to be boosted slightly to add more layers to the song, whilst others want bass to vibrate their skull.

There are options for both, so do your research just in case you buy a pair of headphones that have too much bass, or not enough.


The majority of headphones these days have the ability for bluetooth. This makes wearing the headphones less of a hassle due to not having a wire in the way. It also means that some headphones offer the option of talking to Amazon’s Alexa for hands-free music skipping, or you can easily answer calls and make them.

Whilst having bluetooth is not necessary, if you have a smartphone, then bluetooth may be an added bonus so you can connect both of the devices up without having the restrictions of movement.

Bluetooth is also a better choice if you plan to use the headphones whilst doing something vigorous like a sporting activity.


If you are planning to choose bluetooth headphones over the traditional wired ones, then you will have to factor in the need for them to be charged.

Whilst a few years ago a charge would barely last, now they can build up battery juice quickly. Even the Skullcandy Crusher Evo provides 4 hours of music playing when only charged for 10 minutes – that is impressive!

Even though at first it might seem like a nuisance, a charge will last for more than a day or two, depending on how much you use them. Also, if they are in-ear headphones, the case will provide extra charging on the go.


The comfort of headphones can range widely depending on what service they give. For example, if you want noise cancelling headphones, then there is a good chance that after an hour or two they will start to hurt the structure of the ear.

We are yet to find a pair that does not. The reason they can temporarily hurt the ears is because they fit tighter than a regular pair to avoid noise leaking through. Some headphones are made with extra cushioned material to help counteract this, but unfortunately nothing ever helps fully.

Whilst it is annoying, the benefit of noise cancelling usually outweighs the negativity of the hurt ears.


Along with the comfortableness of a headphone comes size. Whilst some may appear to look bulky, they can in fact be smaller and more portable. This is true of the JVC Xtreme headphones.

Whilst not a big deal, if you do have a bigger head (or even a smaller head), size will ultimately matter. Take note of any dimensions, especially if this is an area you are particularly concerned about.

Most headphones are one size fits all and allow for adjustment of the overhead band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important to Have Bass in Headphones?

Bass makes up a big part of the undertone of music, and without it, headphones can sound tinny and lack quality. You may even be able to feel the vibrations from the bass, and it adds another layer to the music you are listening to.

Can You Tell if Headphones have Good Bass?

You can always tell if headphones have good bass because of the db sensitivity levels. The higher the number, the more bass there is. Even so, too much bass can distort the sound, as it is not balanced. So, whilst more bass might be better to some, to others it will not be.

Can Earbud Headphones have Bass?

Whilst bass can sound amazing in overhead headphones, an earbud sits closer to the eardrum so actually needs less bass for you to hear the full effects. So yes, they most certainly can produce bass.

My In-ear Earbuds are not Producing Bass, What can I Do?

Earbuds do produce bass, so whilst at first it may seem like a problem with the product, it could be to do with the fit in your ear canal.

You need to have the correct seal to reap the benefits of the bass. If you do not, then it will all leak out and you will not hear the bass.

To counteract this issue, change the earbud size to fit the ear better and you should notice an improvement right away.

Is Having too much Bass Bad for Headphones?

No, it is not bad at all. Bass in headphones increases the low frequencies that are produced, but this does not mean the product will become damaged.

If you turn the music up loud and boost the bass, this can potentially break the headphones – but you are unlikely to do that.