8 best open-back headphones for gaming

This is a beginner-friendly review on the Best Open Back Headphones for gaming for 2022.

The best Best open-back headphones for gaming will most often be versatile, keep your ears cool, support multiple gaming consoles, have immersive sound, should be well constructed and durable.

I’ve been reviewing audio products for over a decade and can help you find the best product for your needs.

After testing multiple Open back headphones for gaming, our view is that the Best Open Back Headphones for gaming is

Editors Choice

Sennheiser HD 650

Specially designed acoustic silk

Improved frequency response is 10 39,500 Hertz

Hand-selected matched driver elements

Lightweight aluminum voice coils

However, if you are on a tighter budget and prefer something that works here is another alternative.

Best Budget Option

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Signature Sound Dynamics

Noise-Canceling Microphone

Open Acoustics

Quick Volume Adjusting

Crystal clear conversations

If you would like to know more about additional open-back headphones for gaming then keep reading.

As people have different tastes and preferences, I’ve included 8 reviews of the best open-back headphones for gaming, including what makes each of them unique.

Below is a snapshot of the Best open-back headphones for gaming.

We have also prepared a buyer’s guide in addition to the open-back headphones for gaming reviews below so that you can know what to consider before you make your purchase.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at and review the types of Open back headphones for gaming.

8 Open Back Headphones for Gaming

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  1. Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset
  2. Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK Open-Back Gaming Headset
  3. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset
  4. Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset with Haptic Bass
  5. Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset
  6. Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR Streaming Bundle including The Open-Back Gaming Headphone
  7. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones
  8. Sennheiser HD 650 – Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone

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  1. Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset
  2. Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK Open-Back Gaming Headset
  3. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset
  4. Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset with Haptic Bass
  5. Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset
  6. Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR Streaming Bundle including The Open-Back Gaming Headphone
  7. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones
  8. Sennheiser HD 650 – Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone

1 – Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset

Drop + Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset — Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Over-Ear Open-Back Design, Velour Earpads, Compatible with PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mac, Mobile, and More
  • Lightspeed wireless technology.
  • High-quality materials, exquisite acoustic, and premium music quality.
  • Configure professional Blue Voice
  • Detachable 6 mm PRO microphones with powerful noise reduction.
  • 50mm drivers provide improved bass response and sophisticated performance.
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Designed with a professional look and first-class quality features
  • DTS Headphone x 2.0*7.1 surround sound channel
  • Environmental cues and distance awareness.
  • Compelling trademarks and smooth responsiveness.
  • Bass was not as thumpy as I liked

Why We like It

Compatibility and Technology

With professionally designed pro-level engineering, you can game up your music style.

The PRO X Wireless headset is well-equipped with Lightspeed wireless technology, high-quality materials, exquisite acoustic, and premium music quality.

Of course, these are the best gaming headset for glasses, which you can get for a high-quality experience.

High-Resolution Sound

Truly, the ultimate satisfaction kicks in as soon as you “plug and play” your favorite tracks with Logitech G PRO.

Configure professional Blue Voice filters and the detachable 6 mm PRO microphones with powerful noise reduction.

Comfort and Luxury

Ranging from its advanced audio functions to advanced PRO-G 50mm drivers, your voice will sound richer with the improved bass response and sophisticated performance.

Its sleek and minimal design ensures a higher level of comfort and luxury along with 15m of 2.4 GHz wireless range.

Premium Design

With the new Shroud edition, you may have absolute wireless freedom with a distinctive new design.

Designed with a professional look and first-class quality features, Logitech G PRO X pledges to disrupt the world of music.

Battery Life and Sound Quality

With up to 20+hours of battery life and DTS Headphone x 2.0* 7.1 surround sound channel, this new PRO series design ensures improved battery life and enhanced communications.

The modern beautifully-developed speakers deliver a competitive edge with environmental cues and distance awareness.

Elevated Performance

Logitech G PRO X has, of course, shattered the performance limits in the professional “headphone category” with its compelling trademarks and smooth responsiveness.

Its promising microphones enhance your voice.

Sound Characteristics

In reality, it’s modifying the classification of extravagance.

When it comes to high-quality games, it surely conveys the sound, tracks, gestures, or game features in such a way that you may experience the HD gaming style.

Kick start your gaming competitions in full swing with noise reduction features.

Style and Ease

With a strong 2.4 GHz frequency, you may feel real wireless freedom.

Most importantly, steel-reinforced headbands and premium aluminum provide an elegant basic design that is meant to last.

Its comfortable headband and earpads, provide a softer and plush feel, making it comfortable for you with passive noise isolation.

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2 – Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK Open-Back Gaming Headset

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3BK Open-Back Gaming Headset, Black

  • Open back design with added comfort
  • Lightweight at 220 grams
  • Comfortable earcup padding for the long gaming sessions
  • 45mm diametre drivers deliver punchy bass and surround sound
  • Adjustable detacheable microphone
  • Earcup with volume controls
  • Microphone switch sometimes randomly swithes on

Why We like It

In the world of gaming headsets, the Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is a one-of-a-kind product. It’s designed with an open back with an emphasis on simplicity and sound system.

Unlike some other latest gaming headphones, this one uses a decent, old-fashioned headphone port for connection.

It appears that Audio-Technica is confident in its headset’s ability to stand on its own.

The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is a great choice for gamers searching for a headset with good sound quality.

Designed With an Open Back

The ATH-GDL3 has an open-back design that many people appreciate for the wide panorama it provides as well as the added comfort.

It provides convenience by allowing ears to breathe a little more than they do when wearing closed headphones.

Comfort and Sleek Design

Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 features open-back gaming headphones, which are designed for comfort.

One of their advantages is their small weight (220 grams) and an open-back design, making them easy to wear for long periods.

These headphones are exceptionally light, with an excellent headband and earcup padding that stays comfortably on the top of the head.

High-resolution Audio

High-resolution audio is delivered by a large diameter of 45 mm speakers.

This is designed for long gaming sessions and provides long hours of comfortable gaming.

An open-back gaming headset allows you to pinpoint sounds within a large sound field.


Thanks to the adjustable and detachable boom microphone with highly directed pickup, the Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3’s in-game voice communication is crystal clear.

The left earcup contains a volume control dial and a mute lever for easy microphone control.


The control layout for the Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is straightforward.

The volume up/down buttons and mute toggle are located on the left headphone, which also houses the retractable boom mic.

There is no game/chat mix dial or software to alter the buttons, so you get exactly what you see.

Gaming Headset

The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is a great choice for gamers who want a greater level of voice quality from their games.

The open-back design blends in well with the acoustic design of titles like Control and Elden Ring.

On the other hand, the detachable mic is ideal for late-night online discussions and multiplayer online games.


This gaming headset comes with two detachable audio cables that can be swapped out easily depending on your needs.

A 1.2m cable has a 3.5mm TRRS connection, which is widely used to connect headsets to telephones or console controls, with full microphone and playback compatibility via the single connector.

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3) – EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset, Open Acoustic, Noise-canceling mic, Flip-To-Mute, XXL plush velvet ear pads, compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphone – Black.

  • Innovative transducer technology and open-back ear cups give incredibly precise realism and high-fidelity audio
  • Attacheable microphone provides crystal clear communication
  • Durable headpones for long gaming sessions
  • Mic with Lift-To-Mute Boom Arm
  • Adaptive Volume Control
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Exclusive speaker system
  • The cable can bunch up

Why We like It

The iconic Game One open acoustics headset is a constant customer favorite, renowned for its exquisite convenience and high-quality audio.

It’s a headset for game lovers and enthusiasts.

This gaming headset’s innovative transducer technology and open-back ear cups give incredibly precise realism and high-fidelity audio with no compromises.

For acoustic purity and crystal-clear communication, a microphone with a lift-to-mute flexible arm easily adjusts for the best speech pick-up location and minimizes background noise.


This gaming headset features an over-the-ear style with thick velvet ear pads and a comfortable headband for long gaming sessions.

Game One’s long-term durability is ensured by robust mechanics and sophisticated design.

Among other traditional gaming headphones, this is simply the finest of the best.

Mic with Lift-To-Mute Boom Arm

The adjustable boom arm allows you to position the microphone for optimal voice pickup.

When you raise the boom arm, the microphone mutes the voices automatically.

Adaptive Volume Control

The headset’s right ear cup has an incorporated volume wheel that enables rapid adjustments while gaming.

There’s no need to exit your game to change the volume of your game’s audio.

A smart ball-joint hinge permits modifications to varied head sizes and shapes, and was designed and rigorously tested for longevity.

Passive noise reduction is provided via the ear pads.

Amazing Sound Quality

This best-selling gaming headset is a lightweight design with XXL-sized ear cups, thick velvet ear pads, and a padded headband for optimal comfort during long gaming sessions.

They give amazing sound quality and high-fidelity audio.

This new gaming headset is designed to be the best headphone for commercial or home gaming, with extraordinarily realistic and precise sound quality.

Open Back Design

The Game One’s open-back design produces sound exactly how the game designers intended while allowing air to flow through to keep ears cool throughout long sessions of gaming.

The exclusive speaker system developed by EPOS provides realistic and authentic audio with all the subtleties and game signals required for the fast in-game reaction.


Game One’s model-specific transducer technology keeps your head cool while delivering remarkable acoustic clarity and accuracy (50 ohms).

This high-end gaming headset includes interchangeable cables that allow it to work with a variety of systems, including PCs, Macs, consoles, mobile phones, and tablets with a 3.5-millimeter connector.

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4) – Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset with Haptic Bass

Corsair HS60 Haptic Stereo Gaming Headset with Haptic Bass, Memory Foam Earcups, Removable Microphone, Windows Sonic Compatible, Discord-Certified for PC – Arctic Camo

  • Rumble motors in ear cups
  • Low frequency detection
  • Movable dial controls
  • Excellent Build Quaity
  • Faux Leather Cushioning
  • Comfortable memory Foam earbuds
  • Windows Sonic Spatial Audio
  • Detachable noise-canceling unidirectional microphone
  • Not Wireless

Why We Lik It

Rumble motors, similar to those seen in gaming controllers, are incorporated into each earcup of Corsair’s $130 HS60 Haptic headphones.

They detect low frequencies transmitted over your PC’s USB port and use them to cause vibrations, allowing you to feel as well as hear the sound.

The right ear cup’s movable dial controls how hard the rumble pushes, although this is based on overall volume output.

The vibration strength decreases as the signal’s low-end frequencies decrease, and vice versa.


The Corsair HS60 HAPTIC gives an overall pleasant experience as the headbands and ear cups are well-padded.

The headset is comfortable and stylish for prolonged gaming sessions without feeling fatigued.

They are, however, bigger and heavier for those game players who love to have a better and bigger gaming headset.

Enhance the Standard Of Living

The build quality of these headphones is brilliant.

The body is largely comprised of plastic, with hinges that look like they’re made of aluminum.

The ear cups and headband have faux leather cushioning, and the cable is braided.

Overall, the materials appear to be robust and long-lasting.

These headphones have a good amount of stability.

During casual gaming sessions, they should not slip out of your ears.

Sound Quality

The audio Memory foam ear pads and custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers provide superior sound quality.

On the other hand, the light weighted and sturdy design ensures long-term durability.

Windows Sonic Spatial Audio is supported by the Corsair HS60 HAPTIC.

The custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers provide the range you need to hear all you need on the battlefield.


Thanks to a detachable noise-canceling unidirectional microphone, you can hear clearly and loud.

The surrounding noise is reduced by this microphone, resulting in outstanding voice clarity.

The mic’s noise management ability is incredible.

Even if you’re playing in a noisy home, the people on the other side of the line must be able to comprehend what you’re saying.

Connectivity and Compatibility

For complete audio and microphone compatibility, connect these earphones to your PC or PS4 controller.

A USB-A audio cable with audio delay is included with the Corsair HS60 HAPTIC.

These headphones are compliant with Corsair iCUE software.

The software has a graphic EQ and presets that allow you to tailor the acoustic profile to your preferences.

You can also change the sidetone and microphone levels.

5) – Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset

audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset, Red/Gray/Black

  • ATH-PDG1 headset
  • Natural Listening Experience
  • 40 mm drivers with CCAW voice coils
  • lightweight honeycomb aluminum enclosure
  • Detailed sound and long-lasting comfort
  • Flexible 6′′ boom microphone
  • 1.2-meter cable
  • Soundstage was a little average

Why We Like It

When you’re looking for a gaming headset, there are a few things to consider. Some headphones have excellent sound, but a terrible microphone.

Some look wonderful but are quite uncomfortable to wear.

But no compromises were made with this Audio Technica ATH-PG1 high-end headset and of course, it provides you the finest value for your money.

Open-air Headphones

The ATH-PDG1 headset is designed for dedicated gamers who love the natural listening experience of open-air headphones.

The huge 40 mm drivers with CCAW voice coils are precisely designed to reproduce all of the vibrant auditory detail found in today’s games.

Style and Comfort

The lightweight honeycomb aluminum enclosure provides a natural, expansive sound and keeps your ears cool even when gaming.

It provides powerful, detailed sound and long-lasting comfort. The headset is light and lacks a lot of burden or tension.

The headgear is also pretty pleasant to wear and seems quite comfortable.

The headset adjustability is outstanding and aluminum was employed to link the headbands to the cans themselves.


A flexible 6′′ boom microphone is included with the ATH-PDG1 for crystal-clear in-game voice controls with other players.

This mic, which comes with a 1.2-meter cable and in-line intensity and mute controls, may be replaced with a 1.2-meter smartphone cord that comes with its mic and compact controller.


When you are playing games on a computer, an additional 2.0 m extension cable with two 3.5 mm micro plugs for mic and audio connects with either of the 1.2 m cables and provides additional mobility.

With the included 1.2 m smartphone cable, you can turn this gaming headphone into a normal pair of on-the-go earphones, suitable for taking calls and employing audio and video on phones and other handheld devices.

Also, the mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole is the connector type provided with this Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 headset.

A Music Experience like No Other

While music quality is a priority with these earphones, they don’t scrimp on functionality.

They boast the best battery life in the industry, noise-canceling innovation, and far more.

It has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz, which is all you need.

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6) – Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR Streaming Bundle including The Open-Back Gaming Headphone

Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR Streaming Bundle including The Open-Back Gaming Headphone TYGR 300 R and The USB-Microphone Fox

  • Exceptional sound quality with premium audio technology
  • Cross-platform streaming in studio quality.
  • Bundle includes open back headphones and condensor microphone
  • Light design
  • Carefully chosen and durable materials
  • Acoustic fleece
  • Produces Immersive Sound
  • silky, comfortable ear cushions
  • Compatible with X Box and PS 5
  • A little pricey

Why We like It

The FOX USB microphone and TYGR 300 R open-back headphone is the ideal bundle pair for recording and reproducing amazing sounds.

It’s the best deal for live streams or gamers that demand the best possible sound and refuse to compromise on quality.

Anyone who has worn a pair of Beyerdynamic headsets and started to play or played with these headsets can experience exceptional sound quality with premium audio technology.

Real-Time Activities

Change your sounds and take command of your stream.

On the other hand, you can simply monitor and mute it in real-time.

With FOX, you can capture the music and make it memorable so get the most out of your PC, console, or mobile device’s audio.

It’s high time that your gaming experience is elevated with cross-platform streaming in studio quality.

Exceptional Comfort

The Beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR streaming bundle is all set to make you roll. 

The TYGR headphones integrate carefully chosen materials, a light design, and a sturdy structure to give the ideal balance of higher standards of living and quality.

Sound Quality

The TYGR headphones’ superb soundstage has been tweaked for in-game sound localization.

You can experience the professional sound that’s been reimagined for gamers.

Most importantly, the revolutionary open-back design and acoustic fleece enhance the multi-dimensional sound environment.

The TYGR 300 R is a pair of open-back headphones that produce immersive sound.


To help your new start in the gaming industry, the bundle deal – TYGR, and FOX will accompany you.

You can now concentrate on your gameplay and enter a wild universe with a stunning soundstage.

It’s the best time to share your broadcast with your team and tell the tale of your gaming experience.

And of course, enjoy the silky ear cushions, which are comfy to wear.


The TYGR 300 R is compatible with both the XBOX and PS5 Series and you can use the controller’s jack.

Please remember that the TYGR 300 R’s maximum volume is limited by the built-in sound card’s capabilities.

Keep in mind, that normal jack plugs on the PS5 controller are somewhat looser than typical.

A 3.5mm audio plug and a 6.35mm adapter make it simple to connect to mobile devices, PCs, and home audio/video equipment.


The FOX is a studio-quality condenser microphone that’s perfect for vocals, musical equipment, podcasting, interviews, and gaming streaming.

It interfaces to PCs via USB and, with the right adapters, can also connect to Android and iOS devices.

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7) – Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones and Aluminum Headphone Stand Bundle (2 Items)

  • 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers
  • Strong output power and accurate resolution
  • Richly defined middle
  • Precision bass
  • Harmonized audio isolation
  • Flexible and breathable earpads

    Why We Like It

    With its revolutionary line of products, Beyerdynamic has already been paving the way in the acoustic market globally.

    This Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones is based on the notion that music, communication, and sound have positive effects.

    Their commitment to innovation is unrivaled, and it has helped them become a household name in the music business.

    Don’t let poor sound quality ruin your entertainment; instead, all you need to do is, just invest in Beyerdynamic DT 1990.

    High-Resolution Amazing Sound

    When it comes to headphone amplifiers, we all know that sound control and accuracy are essential.

    With 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers, the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 features strong output power and accurate resolution that highlight the efficiency of the newest Tesla driver technology.

    Tesla Technology

    The combination of spectacular peak levels, a richly defined middle, and precision bass results in unparalleled audio quality.

    The high-resolution Tesla drivers, along with a unique open-back design, guarantee a broad, dynamic, and exceptionally life-like stereo picture.

    The harmonized audio isolation is accomplished by titanium-coated acoustical material and specially picked precision-woven fabrics.


    The premium gaming headsets provide a comfortable fit even for lengthy listening periods thanks to the mix of soft headbands and sturdy aluminum yokes.

    The earpads are noted for their flexible and breathable velour, which allows the user to listen to music for longer without overheating.

    Thanks to the flexible headbands, being comfortable can be now assured along with the lovely and soft ear cushions.

    Moreover, the 250-ohm headsets were designed for use with a stereo system at home.


    Handcrafted in Germany, this Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro comes up with a single-sided, detachable cable with a mini-XLR connector.

    With headsets weighing 4.25 pounds, two pairs of velour ear cushions with various sound qualities, a coiled cable, a straight cable, a 6.35mm jack converter, and a luxury protective case are included with these gaming headphones.

    Open-Back Circumaural Design

    The DT 1990 PRO headphones are a trustworthy standard for combining and processing applications as well as critical listening due to their enhanced spatial sound reproduction.

    Moreover, long studio sessions require soft, replaceable ear cushions and a headband, and a frequency response of headphones of 5-40,000 Hz.

    Sound Options

    In addition, these replaceable velour ear cushions give you a choice between a well-balanced or analytical sound.

    To complete this flawless studio headphone bundle, both ear pad variations are provided.


    8) – Sennheiser HD 650 – Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone

    Sennheiser HD 650 – Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone

    • Plugs into a 1/4′′ jack and require a 3.5mm converter
    • Frequency response of 10 Hz to 39.5 kHz
    • Elongated form that adjusts to the curve of the ear
    • big ear cups
    • Lined with a velour fabric that feels pleasant against the skin
    • Two-tone color design
    • Huge open ear cups
    • Substantially deep bass
    • Quality of the materials was not convincing

    Why We like It

    This modern Sennheiser HD 650 headset is great for anybody searching for a convenient and economical product with incredible sound and long-lasting sturdiness.

    Music enthusiasts, on the other hand, will find Sennheiser HD 650 quite useful particularly those specializing in blending and post-production with a diverse portfolio.

    Moreover, long concerts in the comfort and privacy are a guarantee with sound this fantastic, as the HD 650 also sets benchmarks in terms of comfort and ease.

    The HD 650 is a true work of art and technology that will please even the most discerning listener.


    Sennheiser HD 650 has the same style of connector as the HD600 and extends out of both ear cups.  

    The difference is that the 650s’ connections are somewhat bigger and easier to enter and remove.

    They aren’t color-coded like the connections on the 600.  

    The 650 plugs into a 1/4′′ jack and require a 3.5mm converter.

    Overall, the cable seems considerably more substantial than the 600’s 3.5mm converter cable.


    The full-range speakers of Sennheiser HD 650 provide a frequency response of 10 Hz to 39.5 kHz, and the lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure a stunning transient response.

    With its elongated form that adjusts to the curve of the ear, excessive efforts were made to guarantee the headphones are comfortable.


    These 300ohms Sennheiser HD 650 are designed for use with professional audio equipment, as well as fine home and vintage Hi-Fi gear.

    They sound best when connected directly to a high-quality Hi-Fi amplifier, SACD or CD player, or receiver.  

    They’ll sound great, though you’ll have to boost your portable player’s volume dial-up to hear them.


    The Sennheiser HD 650 has big ear cups that ease most users.

    They’re also lined with a velour fabric that feels pleasant against the skin and is enhanced with specially engineered acoustic silk with tight tolerances (less than 1 dB).


    The Sennheiser HD650 has a two-tone color design of dark grey and black with a glossy finish.

    The cushioning on the huge open ear cups has a suede-like feel, giving these headphones a luxury appearance.

    Deeper Bass

    The HD 650 offer substantially deeper bass and are smoother and warmer than competing open-back headphones.

    They’re well-made, comfy, and long-lasting.

    They tend to be excessively warm, which means the peaks are slightly muffled when contrasted to other headsets.

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    Buyers’ guide for Best Open Back Headphones for gaming.

    Cool Ears

    You need to ensure that you get headphones with fresh circulation so your ears do not heat up.

    Fortunately, many of todays headphones have heat dispersal and passive cooling techniques.


    There are headphone models which provide exceptional sound via a USB or USB-C connection.

    Some other audiophile and mixing headphones make use of standard audio cables.

    Depending on the make, some wireless headphone models, may find pairing with certain game consoles or mobile devices, a little simpler.

    Ambient Noise

    Even in a more quiet recording studio environment, Open-back headphones can still do the job.

    Some models of open back headphones do include decent noise-cancelation.


    Poorly constructed headphones, made of cheap materials could result in sound leakage and distortion.

    Owing to often superiror sound quality, open-back headphones can be pricey, but are often made of pretty good materials.

    Driver Size

    Usually larger drivers command a higher price as they result in louder sound.

    In addition to louder sound, larger drivers can also result in clearer sound.

    For normal commercial headphones, a 40mm driver is usually all you need to get the sound you want.

    Comfort Level

    In my experience, open back headphones tend to have a decent aount of clamping force and comfort such that thet fit nicely on your head.

    Therefore your headphones will both stay on your head and be comfortable.


    In short, when we speak of a sound stage, we refer to the fictional three-dimensional space created by the high-fidelity reproduction of sound.

    When the sound stage is wide and open, you are able to experience sounds from many different directions, including above, to the side and below.

    This is especially important for FSP games, where an attack can come from any direction.

    Open-back headphones, naturally, create bigger soundstages than closed-back headphones.

    Sound Profile

    Sound profile refers to the way in which your headphones highlight particular frequency ranges.

    The varouse categories of sound profiles are:

    Flat represents the most neutral sound profile. Treble, Mids and Bass are true to source.

    Balanced: The treble, mid and bass are faintly adjusted in a poised fashion so as to create enjoyable music to listen to.

    Bright: The treble and mids are enhanced to create a ‘livelier’ sound. 

    Bassy: Cranks up the bass for a particularly clear low end.

    V-shaped: The treble and bass are artificially increased so everything sounds more exciting.

    In gaming you’ll typically want to stick with balanced or bright headphones.

    Bright headphones are great for cinematic and gaming audio, where dialogue and crashing sounds are common. 

    The Bottom Line

    Ultimately, you want an open back gaming Headphone that is versatile.

    However, it is important to remember that sound quality is the most important consideration when it comes to open back gaming headphones.

    You want a set of headphones that is comfortable, sounds immersive, has surround sound and is compatible with many different types

    If you are still unsure of which is best – This is our pick.