10 Best waterproof earphones and earbuds for swimming and water use.


In this review, we take a look at the best waterproof headphones for swimming and water related sports and hobbies.

Headphones have a unique use in the world of swimming and water. First, swimming is a work out and like all work outs you need a good amount of concentration.

Headphones will do the job of making sure that your favorite playlist is on whilst battling mother nature’s elements.

Whilst the headphones on the list are waterproof and are made for swimming, note that headphones can only allow you to go a certain depth beneath the water before they are not reliable any more.

So, I would not attempt to go for more than 3 meters under water with any of these headphones. So, all you deep sea divers out there these are not the headphones for you.

This article is written for those of you who like to swim, Kayak, snorkel, or do anything underwater, whilst listening to your favorite music or a nice audio book.

Some of these swimming headphones have Bluetooth and others do not. But all of them ensure that you can add a little excitement to your underwater experience.

9. Surge S+ (Short Cord)

These are quality in ear headphones. The headphones include H20 Audio Waterproof Surge Sport wrap+. The headphones are additionally sweat proof.

The Surge S + uses advanced waterproof headphone technology, coupled with high quality internal sound components, to provide phenomenal sound under water.

I was personally impressed with the amount of Bass that these bad boys can Kick out. These headphones are 100% water resistant with an IPX 8 rating.

Be it rain or heavy perspiration the Surge S headphones do an amazing job of holding off water. The headphones can be submerged an impressive 3.6m or 12 ft. under water.

Surge S+ (Short Cord)

The makers confidence in the product is evidenced by the 1 year guarantee that the product comes with. The headphones were designed by professional athletes for athletes.

The shape of the ear buds is an ergonomic sheared shape, which assist with making sure the ear buds sit securely in the ear. This alignment of ear and ear bud ensure a very comfortable set of earphones.

Included with the earphones are 5 sets of high quality earplugs ranging from extra small to extra-large.

A tree tip set is included, which makes sure that these headphones stay secure and in place whilst you conduct all your activities.

These are the absolute bet headphones for working out, gym, swimming, biking, running, surfing, and paddle boarding, and they come at a very reasonable price.

8. Backbeat FIT 2100 Bluetooth Headphones

Great for water and land activities, the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100 headphones are very secure, and are both sweat and water proof. These headphones are perfect for rain sweat and water.

These wireless earbuds are designed with Always aware mode, which acts as an ambient aware mode allowing you to be aware of your surroundings.

The battery power averages 7 hours for long lasting listening sessions.

The reflective finish of the headphones is for the express purpose of being detectable at night.

The ear tip design does not block the ear canal completely but ensures that a little sound can seep in so that you can stay aware of your environment.

Backbeat FIT 2100 Bluetooth Headphones

The Backbeat Fit 2100 provides natural mid tones and crisp highs.

The neckband is lightweight and stays in place during swims and work outs.

Using the my tap feature on the application you can customize and personalize your work out experience.

On ear controls allow you to change your music and answer calls seamlessly.

The sound is engineered and produced through the 13.5 mm drivers which deliver Plantronics signature quality sound.

The Bluetooth range for these headphones is the standard 10 m or 33 ft.

Backbeat FIT 2100 Bluetooth Headphones

7. Swim buds Sport Waterproof Headphones

These headphones have a rugged design coupled with a good fit and are very comfortable. The reason for the rugged construction is to ensure stronger materials and cords.

There are even 4 different styles of earbuds, one for different types of athletes.

The headphones include third generation hydrobeat TM sound. The swim bud sport comes with a 40 cm cord, which includes a 1 m waterproof extension for absolute versatility.

The shorter cord is designed to make sure that you can tuck your player under your swim cap or goggles and not have any extra cord to get in your way.

The one downside is probably that the swimbud is designed expressly for swimming, as they are not great for use outside of the water.

6. Sony NW-WS413​ Waterproof MP3 Player​

The headphones are waterproof to a depth of 2m even in saltwater, making them perfect for the beach as well.

The headphones can withstand the harshest climate with temperatures that range from -5 to 45 degrees Celsius.

This headphone is versatile and can be used in a variety of in water and land based exercises.  If you are into vigorous exercise then the ergonomic shape will ensure a secure and stable fit.

Sony NW-WS413​ Waterproof MP3 Player​

5. Hydro Active Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones 

One of the most frustrating experiences as a swimmer is that moment when you dive into the water and your earphones or earbuds jump out of your ear.

Worse yet as you move quicker and quicker into the water you can feel the earphones starting to come lose, which can throw you off your game.

And in a game like swimming, inches are the difference between winning and losing.

That’s where the Hydro Active Short-Code Waterproof headphones come in. These headphones come as a wraparound headband design. as a result, they fit perfectly around your head.

Hydro Active Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones

This design encourages stability. The actual headband is made of memory foam wire, resulting in the ability to adjust the headband.

The sound quality is decent, very clear and UN muffled and the headphones come equipped with a multitude of ear tips designed for a variety of ear shapes.

They include a 3.5 mm headphone jack. They are perfect for swimming laps kayaking, aqua-aerobics, canoeing and most other aquatic activities.

The headphones are very easy to get on and off. The sound is unclear and UN-muffled.

One drawback is that when one is moving faster in the water, they can get a little lose.

4. Finis Duo

As one of the priceyer entrants on this list the Finis Duo also one of the water worlds most renowned mp3 players.

The sound that you get underwater with the Finis Duo is amazing. This is possible due to the bone conduction audio transmission.

What makes this particularly amazing is that you do not have to make use of ear buds to get great sound quality under water.

Finis Duo Underwater headphones

The Finis duo supports both MP3 and wma formats and is compatible with itunes for the apple heads out there.

You will have no shortage of music given the 4GB of storage space available which allows you to store approximately 1000 songs.

The finis duo includes an integrated clip that secures the device to your goggle straps, and rests very comfortable your google straps.

The finis Duo has an IPX 8 rating for waterproof, and can go up to 3 meters and 30 minutes sound.

Finis Duo Waterproof headphones

3. After Shockz XTRAINERS

The Xtrainers are designed for land and water usage. They are open ear designed for maximum comfort.

Through bone conduction technology, music is delivered via your cheekbones, so that your ears can here ambient sounds.

Storage capacity is up to 4GB which can accommodate 1200 songs. Your tracks and your volume can be controlled using a single button.

Unfortunately, the headphones are NOT Bluetooth compatible, but you can definitely play MP3’s on them. The battery will last you for 8 consecutive hours.

The headphones are completely water proof and even rated IP 68. The AfterShokz Xtrainers can stay submerged in water for a depth of up to 2m.

After Shockz XTRAINERS

Extracting your favorite songs from a computer is easy, using the USB cradle, connect the headphones to your computer and then simply download your favorite tunes.

No earbuds are needed owing to the open fit design. These headphones come in handy outside of the pool as well.

The headphones are made of titanium and wrap completely around the head, ensuring that the headphones fit perfectly around the head.

If you forget your favorite pair of noise cancelling headphones at home.  then you could use the AfterShokz Xtrainers at work.

The premium pitch 2.0 provides dynamic sound and enhanced volume. The headphones even come with their own trademarked voice prompt “Audrey says”, which informs you of the status of your power, the play mode and other status alerts.

The makers are so confident of the product that, they included a 2-year warrantee. The AfterShokz come in at a cool lightweight of 30 grams

2. Under Armour® True Wireless Flash

This is another product designed by JBL on behalf of under Armour. The last product that I reviewed was the Under Armour train sports wireless headphones.

These are true wireless headphones. Designed with Under Armour Storm proof, water proof technology, the under Armour true wireless flash headphones are IPX 7 sweat and water proof.

The added advantage of these headphones is that they can be used above water as well. Thus, you can enjoy these during a swim and traditional a work out.

The headphones are equipped a technology called bionic hearing. Bionic hearing has been essentially designed so that you can be more aware of your surroundings.

This is facilitated through talk through and ambient aware mode. Talk through technology reduces the music and amplifies the speech so that you can chat to a work out partner in between sets.

Under Armour® True Wireless Flash

Ambient aware mode still gives you a quality music experience but ensures that your surroundings can be heard.

The sound is tuned for work outs and carries some rich bass. Total battery life is 25 hours with a maximum of 5 hours of continuous listening time.

The headphones come with an aluminium water resistant charging case. The headphones are also equipped with the latest in Bluetooth technology with Bluetooth V 4.2.

The headphones weigh a cool 16 grams so they are very portable and you can carry them anywhere.

The ear tips are made of silicone. As a bonus, the headphones are equipped with Google assistant and Siri.

Under Armour® True Wireless Flash

1. WATERPROOF Apple iPod shuffle 

These headphones are both Mac and PC compatible. The headphones are feature rich and even include a dedicated button for announcing the name of the current track.

The 2GB music and audio book player can hold hundreds of songs and support multiple playlists.

With 15 hours of battery life, you can listen to music nonstop for hours on end.

When you order through Amazon, your order includes FREE 0.5 oz. Fit Goo to help you get a safe, watertight fit for your waterproof earbuds, as well as FREE 1 oz. Aqua Guard Pre-Swim Hair Defense.

WATERPROOF Apple iPod shuffle

If you want to make use of these headphones to become a champion swimmer, the headphones even include a FREE download of 30-minute audio swim workout by Rebecca Sony.

Because the product is waterproof, corrosion proof and depth tested it is user to last a very long time. The makers faith in the product is evidenced by a 6-month warrantee on the product.

The headphones come with a firm built in clip which attaches easily to your goggles strap or swim cap.

Whilst the product is predominantly for under water activities, it holds its own above water too. The headphones come in at featherweight 54 grams.

Even with extended use in salt water, these headphones are sure not to corrode. This headphone includes an extremely tight clamp that ensures that it will never fall off when you are in the water.

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