how to connect amazon fire stick to surround sound

The Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is a useful and portable device through which you can stream television and media from your own home.

Though it is a small device, akin to a USB stick, it can give you access to lots of channels, including Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Netflix. You will also be able to access different apps. The Fire Stick is also extremely affordable, making it a useful item to have a hold of. 

Many customers want to connect this Fire Stick to their surround sound system but have found this task difficult. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide will help you through the process. 

Surround Sound

Surround sound is a system of improving sound quality, typically by surrounding the listeners with multiple speakers. This immerses the listener in the sound, providing a more complete and realistic impression of the sound. By enriching the sound quality, the viewing experience of movies and televisions can be vastly enhanced at home. 

How To Set up your Fire Stick and Connect it to your Television?

The setup is fairly simple. First, you need to plug your Fire Stick into the back of your TV, using the HDMI port. When you turn on your television, you will be welcomed. Next, your Fire Stick will begin finding Wi-Fi networks to use. Once you have chosen the network you want to use, you will need to enter its password. 

Next, you will have to register with Amazon. If you do not already have an Amazon account, you will need to create one. Once this has been completed, you will be able to choose your parental security settings. Following this, you can alter your preferences to suit your needs.

After this, you will be shown a tutorial that will guide you through how to use the system. It is recommended that you watch this helpful guide if you are unfamiliar with how to use the Amazon Fire Stick. Once you have watched this, you should be ready to use your Fire Stick. 

How To Connect your Amazon Fire Stick to Surround Sound?

The simplest and quickest way to connect the Amazon Fire Stick to the surround sound is to connect the television to the HDMI arc on a receiver. Next, you simply need to plug the Amazon Fire Stick into an HDMI port on the receiver. This method should be successful. However, if it does not work, there are other ways to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to surround sound. 

If there is no HDMI port on your receiver, then this may be a much trickier task. However, if you invest in an HDMI extender, then you will still be able to connect your Fire Stick to your surround sound. HDMI extenders are often included with the Fire Stick.

Also, if you have lost your HDMI extenders or simply do not have one, they can easily be purchased online for a reasonable amount. Once you have an HDMI extender, you simply need to connect the extender to the input port on the receiver.

This technique will be better for your Wifi than other methods since it will distance your Amazon Fire Stick from interfering devices. This should enable you to connect the Fire Stick to your surround sound and continue watching tv.   

If you are unsure of some of the components of this system, check the below subheadings for more information to help you.  

HDMI extender

HDMI extenders are devices used to transfer video signals from a source to a television. Essentially, HDMI extenders are primarily used to connect devices. 


AV receivers are components that amplify sound, which means it can then be played through speakers.

How to Connect your Amazon Fire Stick to a Soundbar?

A soundbar is a slim device that contains multiple speakers. If you have one, you might want to connect your Fire Stick to your soundbar. Using a thin cord that should accompany the Fire Stick, plug the USB adapter end into a power source that is near the soundbar.

Next, connect the Fire Stick to the HDMI port on the soundbar, normally located at the back. Connect your soundbar to the HDMI arc on your television, using HDMI out port.

You will then need to alter the input sources on both the tv and the soundbar to ensure that they receive each other. Once you have done this, the two devices will be connected, allowing you to proceed with watching tv. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an Amazon Fire Stick is a valuable investment, particularly if you like to stream a lot of content from your home. Their portability means you can stream very easily from a number of locations, meaning you can catch up with your favorite television shows whether you’re at home or elsewhere. 

It is understandable that viewers will want to connect their Fire Sticks to their surround sound systems since it can make their viewing experience much more enjoyable and immersive.

This can be achieved with relative ease by following the instructions above. If you are still having trouble with this, it may be best to contact Amazon’s device support team. 

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