How To Connect Bluetooth Soundbar To TV?

Soundbars are amazing devices and their ability to play music or enhance television audio is difficult to beat. 

So, you’ve got your TV and you’ve got your soundbar. What now? You’ve used bluetooth very little and have no idea how to connect the soundbar to your TV. You don’t want a load of pesky wires hanging out everywhere – so what are you meant to do?!

We’ve compiled a handy guide for you to glance through. So, sit back and relax. Let’s look through it – how do you connect a soundbar to your TV via bluetooth?

How Does Bluetooth Work?

It’s important that we first get how bluetooth works so we can understand if we can connect your soundbar to your TV. 

Bluetooth devices connect to one another using a process known as pairing. For devices to pair, both must have bluetooth compatibility.

Bluetooth can be used to connect a source device (such as a smartphone) to a second device for the data to be used. A soundbar is designed to play audio at a top level and therefore playing music through your soundbar would be better than your smartphone’s speakers, for example. 

Bluetooth can also be used as a way to receive communications to different devices, such as smartwatches. Data is shared through bluetooth from your source device (smartphone) to your secondary device (smartwatch.) This is how calls and texts can be received on both. 

Now that we understand that, it’s now useful to know how exactly these will connect. Both devices require to be set to discoverable mode. When bluetooth devices are set to discoverable, other devices can see that device’s name, their services and basic information such as model, design etc. 

As soon as the devices go from discoverable, you are then able to pair them. Once paired, they will connect to one another and you’ll be able to receive what you’re looking for to the other device. In this instance, we’re hoping for the audio from the TV to be played through the soundbar. 

Soundbar And Television Models 

Different soundbars will have different ways to enable their bluetooth. Here are some examples:

Vzio: You’ll find there’s a bluetooth button on both the soundbar and its remote. You’ll need to press one of these buttons for about 5 seconds for the bluetooth to become discoverable. When it goes into discoverable mode, lights will flicker on and off. When the soundbar has been connected to a second device, the light will stop flickering and remain on. 

Bose: Bose soundbars are different from one another, so to set it to discoverable mode – you’ll need to check which device you have. In any case, LED lights will still indicate (via flashing and not flashing) if your soundbar is in discoverable mode – in the same way as the Vizio models. 

Yamaha: Slightly different, Yamaha models have a bluetooth key on their remotes. Flashing will indicate discoverable mode and a constant glow will indicate connectivity. 

Taotronics: Simple – just press the bluetooth button on the remote. Done! 

Sonos: You cannot connect bluetooth to Sonos’s soundbar BUT you can connect it to the TV. We’ll explore that shortly. 

Setting Up Bluetooth On Your TV 

So, your soundbar is on and in discoverable mode – now it’s time for your TV to discover it. Generally, it’s not as quick and easy as setting up your bluetooth on the soundbar. So, let’s take a look at some example TV brands:

Toshiba: Depending on your model (and whether or not it has bluetooth compatibility!) you’ll need to press the menu button and then scroll to system or setup. Then you’ll want to click sound and then audio/link. 

Samsung: Again, not every model has bluetooth compatibility – but if it does, press the home menu button. Then select settings, then sound and then finally sound output. You can then select your soundbar from the bluetooth suggestions. 

TCL: Press home, settings, remote & accessories and then select add accessory. After a brief search, your soundbar should be found. 

Element: Press home, settings and finally controllers and bluetooth devices. All you gotta do is find your soundbar! 

After you’ve followed these instructions, you should be good to go. If you couldn’t find your soundbar, you’ll need to check if the soundbar is in discoverable mode or not. Try turning bluetooth off and back on if you’re still getting no luck. Another fix is unpairing your devices and repairing them. 

Connecting Your Soundbar If Your TV Isn’t Bluetooth Compatible

So your TV isn’t bluetooth compatible? Don’t worry! You can still connect via bluetooth and still not have irritating wires all over the room! 

You will have to buy an extra device though. You can find bluetooth transmitters and receivers in stores and online. They’ll connect to your TV using an AUX cable – but don’t worry, you can use a short cable so your place remains safe and tidy. If your TV hasn’t got an AUX cable entry, you can still connect using RCA. 

Connecting If Your Soundbar Isn’t Bluetooth Compatible 

Similar ways to connect. You can purchase a transmitter and receiver and plug it into the AUX or RCA. 

Of course, failing the purchase of a secondary bluetooth connectivity device – you’ll need to connect manually. 

Connecting Your Soundbar To Your TV Manually 

If you still can’t connect because of lack of compatibility or serious errors, you could opt to purchase new tech equipment or simply go manual. This will require you to connect your soundbar and TV with either an AUX cable, a HDMI cable, audio jacks or RCA. 

Your TV might not play sound straight away out of the soundbar. You may need to check settings and then sound to select what output the sound will come from. Until the correct device is selected, your TV will in essence be muted. 

Bluetooth can be a very helpful tool for us to make use of, but it’s not perfect. Always check basic fixes if you’re having trouble before thinking of buying new tech!