Under Armour JBL Sport Wireless Train headphones review

The Under Armour JBL sports wireless train headphones are the combination of the sports prowess of Under Armour and the technical fineness of JBL.

The Under Armour JBL Sport Wireless Train Headphones are as close to perfect as any headphones that I have ever had.

The AU sports wireless Feature two of Under Armour’s distinct and one-of-a-kind fabric innovations.

UA Sport Wireless Train is no-doubt constructed for the gym and those who mean business in the gym.

These headphones really get me excited when doing cardio, and the best part about them is that they do not fall off.

The UA Sports Wireless  headphones by Under Armour scream hard. The headphones were designed with the athlete and Gym Junkie in mind.

The design is on-ear and tough. The UA sports wireless headphones are seriously built for the grind.

The headphones have an IPX4 score, and have been built to withstand the most difficult fitness routines and gym sessions.

UA SuperVent ear cushions supply true breath-ability in a light, long-lasting, fast-drying fabric that is removable & hand washable

Grip material totally lines the inside of the headband & ear cushions, and thus provides a soft feeling.

In addition, the grip material also makes the headphones very secure and stable.


You can get up to 16 hours of battery life. This means that you can use your headphones for up to 2 weeks worth of exercise before you have to recharge.

I personally charge them at least once on the weekend to make absolutely sure that they do not run out of battery.

There is a quick charge feature with the headphones that provides 1 hour of playback for 5 minutes of recharge.

Now of course how long the battery lasts will depend on how you use the headphones.

If you listen at consistently high volumes or make use of other functions whilst using your headphones the battery life may be shorter.

One other nice feature of the headphones is that you can wear these with a completely dead battery, provided you make use of the cable.

I find this to be neat as there are certain brands of headphones that do not allow this.


The Easy-to-connect Bluetooth ® technology provides cable-free, zero-distraction performance.

When you are ready to pair your headphones, you turn them on and you will see the blue LED light indicating that the headphones are ready to pair to your device.

On your device they should appear as JBL rocks.

When outside the Bluetooth works perfectly fine.

The Bluetooth range does not lend itself to long distances however, so I would not try to make use of the Bluetooth beyond a range of 9-10m or 30 feet.

This means that for those with a class 1 Bluetooth device, these headphones will not be compatible.

But this was not at all an issue for me as I needed my phones close to me so that I could change tracks between sessions.

UA Sport Wireless Train over ear wirless headphones

Sound Quality

Under Armour is not a headphone company, they are more of a sports apparel business who decided to branch into headphones.

The headphone capabilities are powered by JBL, which is a veteran audio equipment maker.

The audio is bold and has been tuned for sporting activity with abundant bass to squash any workout. The JBL sound is top-notch and is so amazing!

Some have ventured so far as to say that the sound reminds them of the Beats studio 3 wireless. I myself would be hesitant to draw such a conclusion.

But with that being said, the sound here is nice and thumpy, filled with of umph, which I think the average gym loving music lover will enjoy.

In typical JBL fashion the headphones come with a lot of base and crystal clear sound.


Extra-large controls which have premium finishes provide sturdiness & are simple to gain access to.

Talk through technology

The Talk-Thru technology is very innovative and reduces the volume of your music & turns on the speech-optimized, noise-canceling mics so you can quickly (or over a longer period) have a conversation between gym sets without having to remove your headphones.

The talk through technology is powered through the AU logo on the right-hand side.

So this feature is perfect for when you want to talk to a friend at the gym, but you do not feel like taking off your headphones to do so.

The technology encompassed in the talk through feature is the same one that is in noise canceling technology.

You even have the ability to mute your mic during telephone calls.

Voice assistant

The voice assistants can be obtained by pressing a button on the right earcup.

The UA sports wireless headphones give you access to voice assistants such as Siri ®


Fortunately the headphones come with a Molded hard shell case for on-the-go security/protection of your headphones.

The case looks pretty cool, with the UA logo on the front thereof and the carabiner clip. The inside of the case is soft and Suede like as well.

The net on the upper portion of the case also provides ventilation.

In a nutshell this means that after you have worked up a sweat and placed your headphones in your case, they will then begin to dry.

Alternatively, if you want to dry your headphones just place them next to a fan or maybe place them outside for a little.

Since there will be a lot of sweat going on the headphones I would advise dipping the ear pads in some soapy water at least once a month or every second month just to ensure that they are hygienic.

What’s in the box:

Inside the box you get the headphones, Carry case, USB charging cable, sound wire (audio cable), quick Start Guide, Safety Sheet & warranty Card.


The cable is a 3.5 mm cable that you can make use of when the headphone is on low battery.

However, my only complaint about the cable is that it is a little short

Noise cancellation

These headphones are optimized for working out, so they are naturally are more suited to music with a nice tempo.

On their own the headphones will muzzle out a fair bit of noise, so they act as noise isolators as opposed to noise canceling headphones.

But I do say kudos to the makers for realizing that the main features that people need from gym headphones are quality fit and the ability to play jams at different sound levels.

Noise cancellation should not be a deal breaker for gym headphones. So if you do want to take a look at noise canceling headphones then check out the following link.

I would not be buying these for the noise canceling capabilities in any event.


The headphones are compatible with Android devices and any other devices. You can also make use of an extension aux cable in order to plug it into any device.

Unfortunately I was not in any way able to connect the headphones to my apple watch which is a bit of a bummer.

UA Sport Wireless Train over ear wirless headphones


The headband is lined with sweat-resistant, anti-slip material.

The Under Armour grip material entirely lines the inner portion of the headband,  as well as the ear cushions, giving a tender feeling as well as optimum stability and security.

The headband is soft and ensures that your head will have a comfortable place to rest.

Ear cushions.

These are styled to perfection especially for the gym. There are no obvious bells and whistles, just a nice compact, mean looking set of cans ready to put you to, and be put to the test.


Over a 2-hour gym session my ears do feel a little discomfort, which is probably one disadvantage of the headphones. However, I only go for 2-hour gym sessions on the weekend and after the holidays (I’m sure you can guess why).

The only other time that I would be exercising for 2 hours or more is when I am running a few miles or so.

These headphones are perfect for the heavy sweaters, I found that they hold extremely well, especially when I am doing intense exercises that release sweat from my body.

What does make the headphones uncomfortable over an extended period is the fact that the clamping force is good and they absolutely stay on your head.

So whilst this is advantageous for the gym it can get a little annoying especially if you are using the headphones outside of gym.


The headphones fit like a glove on a hand. This collaboration between UA as well as JBL continues to impress.

Even for people who wear glasses the headphones still fit nice and tightly and I really enjoy them.

When doing the stretch test on the headphones, I found that they could stretch all the way and did not make any weird sounds, unlike the Plantronics Backbeat Go 810.

The test for how well your headphones fit is to shake your head a few times and see if they stay on, that should give you an indication of the fit.

When I did that the headphones fit perfectly.

For the bench pressers these are perfect, as the ear cup style, and the design, in addition to the clamping force, ensures that the headphones do not fall off. No sliding back or slipping off.

Ear cups/cushions

All the technical functionality of the headphones is on the right-hand side whilst the left ear cup is made for charging.

The power switch is on the right ear cup, and when you switch the headphones on you will notice a blue LED light flickering on.

At the bottom of the right ear cup you additionally have volume up and down buttons as well as the customary skip, play and pause buttons.

For Gym headphones,  sweat proof ear cushions are a key feature and the Under Armour JBL Sports wireless train headphones did not disappoint.

The ear cushions are very soft and removable.

The ear cushions are breathable and provide non-stop cooling & will be completely dry in no time at all.

In terms of size the pads are a little over 2 and 3/4 inches in diameter.

They (the ear cushions) are incredibly comfortable and I found that because of the texture of the fabric, the fabric itself wicks away sweat and dries quickly.

The ear cups swivel on the joints and therefore fold up nicely meaning that you can carry them with the smallest luggage.

Build Quality

The headphones are made of plastic, but this is by no means cheap plastic, if anything this is some stern plastic that is not going to break easily.

In all other aspects the headphones are pretty good and definitely worth the purchase, but the most distinguishing feature of the headphones is the build quality.

These things are rock solid and they will definitely last at least 2 years provided you don’t physically throw them at things.

Other features

The headphones are very versatile in that they can have many applications.

I know of a friend who used the headphones whilst mowing his lawn and fortunately for him the charger port included a cover which would prevent any dirt from entering the port.

UA Sport Wireless Train over ear wirless headphones

Call quality

You can also make and receive phone calls with the headphones as the headphones come with a built in microphone.

Incoming calls will of course interrupt your music, and I have not had any issues about the call quality


Many headphones these days can double as work/activity headphones.  By this I mean that you can use the headphones for work and other activities (say gym).

With the Under Armour sports wireless train headphones, I did feel their weight when I tried to make use of them for an entire day.

Then again I do have a sensitive scalp so that could have contributed. But they are still very comfortable.

UA Sport Wireless Train over ear wireless headphones


These headphones are a gym junkies dream, they fit well and push out amazing sound. They are lightweight and built to handle sweat.

They have built in talk through technology and are built to be rock solid.

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